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the Surefire Corporate Photo Booth

Searching for a marketing tool that your target audience will love to look at?

Or maybe a fun way to celebrate your team and show off your successes?

Have you ever run an ad that a prospective client proudly displayed on their desk or bragged about on their Facebook wall?

Your staff, clients, & guests will love having fun in our photo booth and you will love having your marketing message proudly shared and displayed by everyone.

Trade Event
Corporate Holiday Party
Charity Dance
Client Appreciation Event
Charity Ball

"If you are detail-oriented and timely, you will appreciate a vendor like Sean that provides the same back to you."

Offering an outstanding suite of tools for corporate clients:

  • Brand presence: Nearly every aspect of the booth experience, from prints to backgrounds, tables to slideshows, can be professionally branded to feature your logo, graphics, marketing videos, and much more.

  • Step & Repeat backdrops: fully customized to feature company logos, websites, images, or anything else your art department can come up with.

  • Create a viral buzz! Full suite of optional social media tools are integrated into the booth, allowing guests to share their branded images directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media platforms.

  • Hashtag Printing: Choose a hashtag for your event and I will automatically format and print all images posted to Twitter and Instagram with that hashtag.

  • Special Prints: We offer a special 2x8 print that includes a perforated section: perfect for coupons or special offers.

  • Much more! Incorporate surveys or quizzes into the booth session & collect the data at the end of the day. Give away prizes for best answers. Show intro videos before a free booth session. Call today; we would love to talk with you about the possibilities.

Full White Label service is available.

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