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Q & A

What makes the Surefire Photo Booth the best choice for your event?

Best in class service & quality. Reliable. FUN!

Those are among the top reasons that you should choose Surefire.

Here are some of the other details:

How long have you been in business?

Surefire Photography began in 2010, opening a studio in Arizona with a focus on families and newborns. In 2012, I shifted to wedding & event photography, including photo booths. Click here to learn more.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes and yes. I am able to provide proof of insurance as required.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Nikon professional grade camera & lens systems in conjunction with professional lighting & modifiers, industry leading software, and the best event printers on the market.

Do you have a backup plan in case of equipment malfunction?

Yes. I bring backup cameras, lenses, lights, cables, computers, and other supplies to every event.

Will there be an attendant/photo booth technician at all times to maintain the photo booth?

Absolutely, yes. There will always be someone there to help your guests and to keep the fun going.

Do you offer sharing or social media options?

Yes! Every booth rental includes the ability for guests to send images to their phones or email. Several other social media sharing options are available. For the vast majority of events, the sharing will be nearly instant: your guests take their photos, go to the sharing station, and the images arrive on their phones within a minute or two. The only exception is if your event is in an area with zero cell reception and no internet; in that case, all of the shared images will be sent out when we get back to the office and the booth computer has access to the internet.

How many prints do you give out?

For Print Booth Rentals, we generally issue one 4x6 print per guest in a photo (5 people in a picture = 5 prints), plus one print for the optional album. Guests can also request extra prints during the event. There is never a per-print charge. Digital Booth Rentals do not include any on-site prints, but you can always order prints after the event or download the images and print them yourself.

Are there any hidden fees? Travel fees, set up fees? How much do you charge?

Set-up and breakdown time is included with every package. There are no travel fees within the greater Research Triangle - Fayetteville area but we do negotiate a travel fee for events outside of that area.

Our options range from budget concious to bespoke. We are fairly priced in the market while delivering the absolute best experience and product.

What does the photo booth look like? Is it an open air booth or enclosed booth?

The Surefire Open booth looks a lot like a professional photography studio - because that's exactly what it is. Lights, backdrop, camera, computer. Everything is neat and tidy, covered with enclosures, scrims, & tablecloths (okay, the prop table does't usually stay neat & tidy for too long, but we reset it during lulls in the action). Much of the rest is up to you. We offer custom everything, from backdrop choices to branded tables to a custom cover for the iPad stands.

Due to the loss of flexability and light quality we do not currently offer an enclosed booth, but may do so in the future if we find a solution that meets our standards.

Do you provide early setup?

Absolutely. We arrive early to every event for setup - usually two hours prior to the booth start time. If you need the booth setup earlier we can add "idle hours" to your package.

Can my prints be personalized with name and date?

Yes! Prints are always fully customized for your event, as are the graphics on the booth screen. This is YOUR event, and we do everything possible to blend with your aesthetic.

How many people can fit in your photo booth?

With our panoramic background we have fit 22 people in one image! It's an open booth so if you need a large group picture then we can absolutely make that happen.

Can you match the colors in my wedding? Eg: My wedding color is "Mint Green"

Yes! From the print design to the backdrop to custom table covers, we can match your color theme.

What do your props look like?

We bring premium full color printed solid PVC signs to each event. These include general signs as well as signs specific to your event type. We also bring tons of fun stuff like jumbo sunglasses, goofy hats, and other goodies.

What do your albums/scrapbooks/guestbooks look like and what kind do you provide? Do you provide glue and pen to write on the guest book?

We offer a premium, custom made wood cover album with thick pages designed for prints and messages. An extra print is made of each session and inserted into the album. The album has a dedicated attendant caring for it and encouraging your guests to write messages next to their photos. Because the album requires on-site printing, it is only available with our Print Booth Rentals.

Will I get a copy of all the photos taken at the event?

Yes, all photo booth packages include an online gallery with all of the images (both full individual images and template images) for a period of one year. You can download and/or share directly from the gallery. If you choose to add a custom album to your booth, you will receive a physical copy of each print as well.

What about print quality?

We use only premium dye sublimation printing materials, and all prints are smudge & scratch resistant. They're also gorgeous!

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